Judi Ward's LMS Fundraiser

Judi Ward was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called leiomyosarcoma ("LMS").  This cancer affects 4 out of a million people.  Last year, she was laid off from her job and no longer has health insurance.  Additionally, she is only 62 years old and does not qualitfy for Medi-Cal and/or Medicare, although she is applying to see if she will quality due to her circumstances.  We will be having a fundraiser at PC's Bar & Grille in Simi Valley, CA on Saturday, October 3rd.   We realize that many people may not be able to come to the fundraiser, so we have created this website to allow people to make monetary donations that will go directly into a bank account set up for Judi Ward that will help pay for her expenses (cost of surgery, CT scans, MRIs, treatments, etc.).  To make a donation, click on "Donate".   The smallest donations will be so greatly appreciated!!


Thanks for your time and support!!


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